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    Also the live action series; it was a stand alone show that only retold the first storyline. Dirty Coward: Lailoken http://www.guardrec.com/blog/where-it-came-from-i-can-only-guess/, Vortigern’s soothsayer. Self Deprecation: In referring to himself Howard Cosell once remarked: “Arrogant, pompous, obnoxious, vain, cruel, verbose, a showoff.

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    Adaptational Dye Job: Originally a brunette, Plumette (as a human) sports white hair as part of her white peacock motif. Adaptation Distillation: TARS has less dialogue in the novelization, Valentino Replica Handbags and several of his funny lines Stella McCartney Replica bags and scenes with Cooper are cut or shortened, making CASE’s comment about TARS being the much more talkative one almost into an Informed Attribute.

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    Foreshadowing: Has its own page. Breather Episode: One From the Heart was supposed to be this for him after the incredibly difficult production of Apocalypse Now. In any scene with Terl and Jonnie together, you can almost see them passing the Designer Replica Handbags ball back and forth.

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