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  • Contract Formulation Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 Signed

    A large international consortium, led by the Dutch consultancy firm Twynstra Gudde, has signed the Contract for the development of the Bangladesh Delta Plan (BDP2100), a crucial plan for Bangladesh. The other consortium partners are Euroconsult Mott MacDonald, ECORYS, Witteveen+Bos, D.EFAC.TO, Deltares, Wageningen UR, and UNESCO-IHE. The consortium cooperates together with the Climate Adaptation Services foundation, and two Bangladeshi companies CEGIS and IWM.

    We are happy to inform you that, on the 12th of March, the ambassador Gerben de Jong and the BDP 2100- team leader Jaap de Heer have signed the contract on the formulation of the Bangladesh Delta Plan at the Dutch Embassy at Dhaka. For the Dutch Embassy, the Consortium, as well as the government of Bangladesh, this was a great milestone. The finalization of the contract, and the preparation of the contract, took some time, because of the political situation in Bangladesh. Therefore we are happy to inform you that the project has been started. Both, the consortium and the Bangladeshi counterpart (The Ministry of Planning/ GED) are eager to cooperate in this challenging, and for the country crucial, long term and holistic planning process.

    The chosen strategy is a highly innovative way, because of the combination of water governance, interactive analyses and design, and adaptive delta management. Also the lessons learned from Vietnam and The Netherlands will be incorporated. Mobilization of the project team and Bangladeshi partners has been started in an energetic way. The official kick-off will be organized soon. The results of the first explorations will be discussed in relation to the draft inception report, which will be finalized in June. The consortium partners see this project as challenging with high ambitions. All partners are keen, and very much looking forward to start with this project, which already gets much international attention.

    Contact information:
    If you need further information please contact Jaap de Heer, cell +31 6 – 53 57 68 67, e-mail: jhr@tg.nl or Nienke Schuurman, cell +31 6 – 51 19 17 24, e-mail: nsh@tg.nl,
    Secretary phone +31 33 – 467 77 56

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