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  • BDP celebrates its first anniversary!

    BDP celebrates its first anniversary!

    The 12th of March is a special day in the life of the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 Formulation Project. On 12 March 2014, through a contract signed between Prof. Dr. Jaap de Heer, Team Leader of BDP 2100 and the Dutch Ambassador Gerben de Jong, the project officially came to life. The BDP team celebrated the first anniversary today at the BanDuDeltAS office in Gulshan with a cake.

    Read more about the contract signing last year here.

    In August 2014, the project was launched publicly by AHM Mustafa Kamal, Minister of Planning. The team has been able to achieve significant progress over the last year. Soon after mobilization, the team quickly conducted the quick scan reports, and followed them up with the much more in-depth baseline study reports on 19 thematic areas. The Gulshan office also slowly took shape and in addition to modern workshop facilities, it is now also equipped with a fully operational ‘touchtable’.

    Read more about the use of touchtables here.

    In collaboration with the GED of the Planning Commission, the team has also been able to organize a number of stakeholder events, which include the recent Scenario Development workshop in February and the Water Supply and Sanitation Workshop in March 2015. A second Delta Atelier session is also planned to be held in March 2015.

    Find past BDP events here.

    The team coordinates between a score of national and international consultants in order to produce timely analyses that feed into the preparation of the Bangladesh Delta Plan. The team is gearing up to submit its report contributing to the 7th Five Year Plan to the GED, Planning Commission.

    Read more about the BDP Project timeline here.

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