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  • BDP begins fourth round of Delta Altelier tours with Rivers Hotspot

    BDP begins fourth round of Delta Altelier tours with Rivers Hotspot

    Bangladesh Delta Plan has commenced its fourth round of Delta Ateliers by hosting workshops with communities residing on the Jamuna river.

    Confirming urgent need for BDP’s research, during this field visit, the areas of Tangail and Sirajganj were facing erosion from the Jamuna flowing 58cm over the designated “safety level.”

    During an Atelier tour, BDP arranges both Atelier workshops and field visits. Ateliers serve to engage community officials, stakeholders and civil society leaders in a collaborative space – outlining pressing issues and their potential solutions.

    Field visits, such as those to the Bhuapur Upazila, allow BDP staff to directly assess the conditions of areas affected by the Bangladesh Delta. In this region, the Jamuna has severely eroded the banks of river-lining communities, forcing them to move further inland while leaving their homes behind.

    On August 26th, BDP held the first atelier of this round, entitled “Exploration of Major River,” at the Siranganj Deputy Commissioner Building. With a large turnout of local officials in attendance, including the Deputy Commissioner of Sirajganj himself, the Atelier proved to be a productive and collaborative activity.

    The Atelier held focus groups that evaluated five thematic areas for river management: flooding, urban planning, navigability, ecology and erosion. After an hour of experts working in their respective focus group, presentations were made covering potential approaches for managing each issue.

    A universal theme expressed throughout the Atelier was the need for planning to recognize local communities reliance on the river, ensuring that managing the Jamuna river did not interfere with local river-based livelihoods.

    The Atelier ended with speeches from the Deputy Commissioner, local government officials, members of the Bangladesh Water Development Board and local civil society leaders.

    Beyond the Atelier, BDP staff held meeting with local officials working on water management, specifically executive engineers from the Bangladesh Water Development Board. These meetings allowed local engineers to show BDP researchers the current management projects underway – showcasing which provision had been effected and which ones need improvement in the face of an ever-rising Jamuna river.

    Reports documenting findings from this Atelier will be released soon. Between 1st and 15th of September, there will be further Ateliers held in the South and Southeast regions.

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