A project of the General Economics Division of the Bangladesh Planning Commission funded by the Government of the Netherlands

Delta Atlas superawesome screenshot

To support the development of the BDP’s integrated Baseline Study analysis a ‘Delta Atlas’ has been built which holds a set of compelling maps that aggregates the results of the Baseline Studies in an insightful and attractive way. The joint support and consideration needed for establishing these Delta Atlas maps are organized in a Delta Atelier session. The Delta Atlas will be accessible through the Touch Table, facilitating the interactive use of spatially referenced information from the Baseline Studies during the Ateliers and after. Additionally, the GIS-data underlying the maps will be stored in a geo-database and integrated in the National Water Resources Database of WARPO. The Atlas summarizes the most important themes (the accompanying image highlights flood risks), and provides maps of e.g., flood duration and sensitivity information. Maps at Hotspot level will summarize, integrate and visualize the Baseline Studies at the relevant local level. The Touch Table makes all information accessible and usable. Good planning depends on good information. The Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 formulation process involves the collection and analysis of large amounts of data. Common access to information is essential to arrive at transparent, common decisions. 19 baseline studies have been conducted to summarize all available knowledge on the Bangladesh Delta and been shared online. Maps, tables, designs and decision-making documents will be made publicly available through the publication of a Delta Atlas and through the creation of an online Knowledge Portal. Delta knowledge, accessible for all.


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