A project of the General Economics Division of the Bangladesh Planning Commission funded by the Government of the Netherlands

  • Delta Information Portal

    Delta Information Portal

    The Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 Formulation Project aims to support long-term planning in Bangladesh. Implementation of the Delta Plan in a manner that is science-based and data-informed will require vast amounts of knowledge, in forms accessible to diverse stakeholders. Knowledge on the Bangladesh delta—like the rivers that it consists of—is always changing. Delta knowledge will therefore require constant updating.

    Already, during the conduct of the Delta Plan’s baseline studies—bringing together existing knowledge, new insights have been gained and new questions have emerged. The Knowledge Agenda of the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 stands within a broader Knowledge Strategy to develop and disseminate delta knowledge and realize its use. Knowledge can be shared using a public web-based Information Portal and incorporated in the project’s capacity building program. The Delta Plan will make gathered knowledge available through a web-based information portal – The Knowledge Portal, gathering geographical data, studies, policy documents and meeting reports. Geographical data will be made available through a viewer on the portal.

    The Knowledge Portal features a Data Explorer which will give users access to a wide range of data gathered from extensive research. The different spatial layers have sub-layers which will pop out from within the Bangladesh map, when selected. The images below show hazard areas, and detailed rivers (respectively) within Bangladesh.



    Currently, through the course of the project, a lot of information and scientific data has been gathered and produced. The information is needed for the development of the climate atlas and the formulation of the various measures, scenarios, Delta Vision, Delta framework and implementation. The information that is produced during the project will be stored in a knowledge repository, with all the relevant reports, documents and presentations. It will also contains all relevant studies, articles and other background material used during the analysis and formulation of the plan. This knowledge base is accessible to all those involved in the program and can be consulted by third parties or the general public via the web-based information portal. All these data will be accessible through the web-based portal and Touch tables, allowing diverse stakeholders to access and discuss data at the same time.

    The quality of the implementation of the Delta Plan will depend to a large extent on the availability of validated, trustworthy data and information. Therefore, the knowledge infrastructure that underlies the collection, storage and dissemination of the data and information is far more than ‘just’ a database, with access via the internet.

    The Knowledge Portal is a vital tool in the process of enriching the collected data facts during the baseline studies, scenario analysis, stakeholder consultations using the Touch Table, towards information that can be used in the implementation of the Delta Plan. The data and information in this tool form the base on which the plan will be developed.

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